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Live Water Kefir GrainsLive Water Kefir Grains

Water kefir is a delicious, healthful, fermented probiotic drink that you can make easily and inexpensively at home.

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Dehydrated Water Kefir GrainsDehydrated Water Kefir Grains

Dehydrated water kefir grains are live grains that have been dried for storage. These water kefir crystals are effectively in hibernation, lying dormant until the are returned to a sugar/water bath and brought back to a live state.

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Milk Kefir GrainsMilk Kefir Grains Rinsed in Water

Milk kefir grains are especially for culturing milk into a probiotic, slightly carbonated delicious and healthy beverage. People who have issues digesting milk can sometimes drink milk kefir because a lot of the lactose is pre-digested.

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Kefir (which you can pronounce "Kee-fur" or "kay-Fear")  is milk or sugar water, innoculater with a special culture to make a slightly fizzy probiotic health drink with a myriad of benefits.

Canadians Ordering Water Kefir Grains and other cultures do not have to worry about Weather conditions and the safety of your purchase. I live in Canada too. We know how to prepare your purchase for shipping, so if your kefir grains freeze in the mail, you can be sure they will still make a great product. If they fail to give you the result you are looking for, I guarantee I will work with you to rehabilitate your culture, or send you a new one. Don't let the Canadian winter scare you from ordering. We've got winter in Canada covered!

The Great Canadian Kefir Hunt

Some time ago I read a lot about these little grains that you could put in milk or water and it would turn a regular beverage into a super food powerhouse of probiotics and vitamins. I have had digestive issues for most of my life. I take prevacid which is a "proton pump inhibitor" (PPI) that reduces the amount of stomach acid that is produced because of unbearable heartburn and esophageal reflux, and i have been taking it for many years now. I have also had a real problem with constipation.

Given that my grandmother died of colon cancer, and my mother currently has colon cancer, I was very interested in things I may easily incorporate into my diet to add a layer of protection. During my kefir research efforts, probiotics kept popping up as helpful. Research suggests that kefir and other probiotic rich foods and drinks could help with constipation and heartburn, and protect against bowel cancer, as well as a host of other benefits that surprised me!

I know that you can buy kefir in the grocery store, but I also read that if you could find someone who made kefir, you could get the kefir grains culture. The problem was none of the friends I asked had even heard of kefir, let alone made it at home. so I turned to the internet. I ended up finding someone in the United States who could ship me some, and it was a hassle, so I am happy to be able to help anyone in Canada who want them. 

I hope that waterkefir.ca will be where you turn when you want to buy water kefir grains in Canada.

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Kefir Starters Canada- Buy Canadian Water Kefir Grains & Milk Kefir Grains
Canada grown water kefir grains & milk kefir grains. Purchase kefir starters online. Read the research, benefits, recipes and more. Learn what kefir should look and taste like. Can't find what you want? Ask Kefir Nurse your questions answered promptly.

4 comments to Home

  • Marilyn Elstone

    Hi Kefir Nurse,
    I am just finished second batch and it tastes quite vinegary or could I have added too much lemon?…how do I recover the grains or do I just make a third? Also am I to rinse the grains between batches.
    thank you

    • Kefir Nurse

      Hi Marilyn Make a new batch daily. There’s nothing wrong with the grains. It’s just that you got dehydrated grains and they need to rehydrate and rebalance before they start making the kefir you are going to end up loving! :- ) This COULD take a week or two although in my experience it is only a few days. Just make sure as the grains grow that you are keeping the proportions of water, grains and sugar. This will likely mean removing some of the grains and having an extra batch going, or storing extras. 


      Kefir nurse

  • Ida

    Hi, I have just received your live kefir last week and followed your instructions to make kefir. The first batch kefir almost doubled. I threw away the water because it is just sweet but the water was normal. The second batch it increased by 80% only after 12 hour, but the water kefir becomes thick and syrupy. I rinsed the grains well and started the third batch, 12 hours later the water is still thick but not as syrupy. What have gone wrong?

    I followed your instruction on the sugar/water ratio with one dried fig(orangic) and Lemon. Should I continue to make the next batch or rest them in the fridge?

    Please help!

    • Kefir Nurse

      Hi Ida Check the ingredients on the fig first. Does it list some ingredient starting with sulph… or some other kind of preservative? Or ANY other ingredient besides figs? The figs should actually say “unsulphured” on the label else they are probably sulphured. I am betting this is the most likely culprit. If not please send me an email kefirnurse [at] waterkefir.ca

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